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An assisted living residence is a place that provides supervision or assistance with activities of daily living, while monitoring the health and well-being of the client. We want to focus on giving the client choice, dignity and independence. As American baby- boomers age, the over 65 age group will grow at a rate nearly four times faster than the population as a whole in the two decades from 2010 to 2030.  In 2030 one out of five people in the U.S will be age 65 or older. Our company will be ready and positioned to come in and assist those in need.


Almost 37.9 million Americans were aged 65 and over. Three in five people in this age group are women. Over the next forty years, the number of people aged 65 and older is expected to double and the number of people aged 85 and older is expected to triple. Along with general trends for America’s population, the African American or Black population is living longer.



2014 OUT NOW




We will help identify whether your property is within ZONING limits of being an Assisted Living Facility and determine whether the property meets the minimum floor plan requirements.


We will also assist in determining the property value and needed repairs to determine project feasability.




We assist the property owner in obtaining the necessary fire prevention systems required for certification and all other necessary permits to ready the property for licensing as an Assisted Living Facility.




Before you move in paying clients, you will need furniture and other items to function properly and effeciently. We have a proven system that will ready your Assisted Living Facilty quickly at minimal cost.

Management / Staffing



As experienced Administrators and Healthcare professionals, we offer a proven system of acquiring clients, obtaining staff and management including the Electronic Health Records system and Pharmacy service.

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