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ALF Administrator of the Year



A proven system.....

Years ago, we developed a system as real estate investors that revolutionized our business and drastically increased the amount of prospective deals we reviewed, which translated into more closings, more profits and MORE CASH FLOW.


In this changing marketplace and downward spiral of the real estate market, we've revamped this strategy to include the most reliable lease option at this time, which is the Assisted Living Facility.


As the job market shrinks, renters are more pressed to pay rents on time, but the baby boomers are growing exponentially and our healthcare system is now better equiped to handle the needed finances they require. As licensed health professionals we bring this CASH FLOW option to our property owners and help them navigate their way through the certification process to take advantage of it.


We have started in the South Florida area, but are quickly spreading through the East Coast and Nationwide.

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