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The Process


Our team is comprised of investment professionals, computer network & website engineers, designers, sales pro's and market research analysts whom all have a minimum of 15 years experience in their respected fields; ensuring our clients have cutting edge knowledge and resources to be successful in most, if not all, scenarios.


We employ the most advanced resources and research tools to develop solutions for you on an exceptionally timely basis. We research and develop investment opportunities for both the individually wealthy, as well as, the first time novice investor.


Our goal is to provide you a solution that is centered around your passions and that will significantly increase your profits, while reducing your exposure to risk.


We are a full service mortgage broker business and private lender on real estate and Churches.

As a real estate investor, our founder realized that most mortgage brokers and companies were unable to adapt to his needs and ever growing business. 


He recognized that not only he, but regular everyday home buyers were having problems with constant closing date changes and mishaps. He also recognized that brokers lacked the ability to think outside of the box for solutions to the unique problems of today's buyers and sellers. 


Therefore, we approach things differently!

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