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We provide exceptional healthcare services to vulnerable populations all around the world in a courteous simplified manner. 


We offer services to an ever growing population of vulnerable people who can no longer care for themselves due to age, health issues or disabilities. Our Business Philosophy is to provide these services in a courteous simplified manner.  


An assisted living residence is a place that provides supervision or assistance with activities of daily living, while monitoring the health and well-being of the client. We want to focus on giving the client choice, dignity and independence. As American baby- boomers age, the over 65 age group will grow at a rate nearly four times faster than the population as a whole in the two decades from 2010 to 2030.  In 2030 one out of five people in the U.S will be age 65 or older. Our company will be ready and positioned to come in and assist those in need.


Adassa Global Health employs certified state professionals with complete background checks and drug screening, supervised by a registered nurse. Our board members have been in the Health profession for more than 30 years combined.   


Adassa Health believes in caring for the whole person. Providing 24 Hour customer care to clients who require special attention because of limited mobility, fragility, physical or emotional health problems.

Adassa’s competitive advantage is that we have registered nurses supervising our clients, providing the utmost care for your loved one.  We provide daily checks of vital signs and instant response to health care changes.   There will be 3 or more staff members to provide 24 hour round the clock monitoring daily. Rooms are fully furnished, right down to the personal flat screen TV and private phone. But they can easily accommodate the appointments that add a familiar dimension of comfort—a favorite chair, an heirloom quilt, a collection of family photos.

J. Parkes

Mr. Parkes holds licenses as both a Registered Nurse (RN), as well as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). He has served in a number of South Florida Hospitals in both the Emergency setting and Orthopedic setting. His patient care spans the continuam of Pediatrics to Geriatrics. Along with his Oncology, Cardiac and Medical Surgical rotation experience, he continues to offer his free time to those less fortunate through the Aim2Cure initiative.

C. Long-Parkes

Mrs. Long-Parkes has a long running history of over 25 years as an Administrator in Retail, Finance, Real Estate and Healthcare. Her experience and training lends to her superior handling of customer service and adherence to time critical deadlines. Trained as a Health Information Manager, she is able to bridge the clinical aspects of healthcare to the technical advancements that ensure better patient and client outcomes and satisfaction.

G. Parkes

Mrs. Parkes brings over 50 years of clinical experience, spanning the globe from Jamaica, England and the United States. Initially trained in England UK, Mrs. Parkes started her career in Surgery, at which time she continued her nursing in the United States. Her exceptional training and experience quickly promoted her to take roles in Administration to where she segwayed into Geriatrics and supervising care to those in Acute Skilled Facilities and Nursing Homes consisting of over 300 beds.

D. Sibblies

Mr. Sibblies latest experiences are within the departments of Human Resources, where his leadership roles include the management of IT of major NY hospitals. As a seasoned corporate officer, he is able to anticipate the challenges of a healthy growing company and ensure the logistics needed to provide the type of support needed to its internal and external clients, which include our employees, administration and investors. Educated in many different fields of technology, such as networking and software coding, he ensures we are equipped to manage our roles and responsibilites in the most effective and effecient mannor possible.

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